Malawi Government Gazette supplement dated 2018-03-02 number 2A

The Malawi Gazette Supplement, dated 2nd March, 2018, containing
Regulations, Rules, etc. (No. 2A)
Gm1ERNMENT Nones No. 2

(CAP 72:01)

IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 56 of the Waterworks Act, the
Southern Region Water Board, with the approval of the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation
and Water Development. make the following By~JawS--

I. These By-laws may be cited as the Waterworks (Southern Region Citation
Water Board) (Amendment} By-laws. 2018.

2. The Waterworks (Southern Region Water Board) By-laws Amendment
(hereinafter referred to as the "principal By-laws") are amended, in by-law 2, of by-law 2 to
by inserting. immediately after the definition of the expression "temporary Cap. 7:!:01
purpose". the following definition- Sub. kg.
p. 25
"temporary water connexion" means a water connexion
temporarily made for a period not exceeding one year for purposes of
building, construction or other temporary activity;".

3. The principal By-laws are amended, in by-law 96, by inserting. Insertion of
immediately after paragraph (7). the following paragraphs as paragraphs (8),
(9) and (10) in correct numerical sequence- r:~~~:i

''(81 The Board shall include "industrial customer" as an additional 1110>91~10 by-
aw ,.\
customer category that shall be charged appropriately.

(9) Each water connection made by the Board shall always have a
non-return valve.

\ I 0) TI1e Board shall have different water deposit fee for a
temporary connection that may be used to cover cost in the event that a
customer has defaulted.".

4. The principal By-laws are amended, immediately after by-law l 08, Insertion of
by inserting a new by-law l08A as followS- new by-Jaw
"By-laws l 08A. The Board may. at any time. maintain a section to
Section be known as the "By-laws Section" in any of its supply areas or
centres which will be mandated to implement the provisions of
these By-laws, among other functions".

5. The principal By-laws are amended, in by-law llS paragraph (4)(b), Amendment
by deleting the words "KS,000" arid substituting therefor the words "a charge of by-law I 15
of cost of replacement using prevailing market price".